#PROJECTLIVEABOARD Interior Design Inspo | Beautiful Narrowboat Interiors To Inspire and Some Clever Compact Living

A collection of beautiful Narrow boat and Live-aboard Houseboat Interiors with some cool Compact Living solutions to inspire you.

This week I want to already have our own liveaboard Narrowboat so much it actually hurts!

Although we are now on the road to our #PROJECTLIVEABOARD goal, I’ve been a little impatient the last few days… it’s been a strange tense atmosphere at home with everyone being under the weather and kinda stressed out and tired & I’ve really longed for the peace you can find in your own home.

But not to be downhearted, instead of studying the practical, technical aspects of buying a Narrowboat and becoming permanent liveaboard Narrowboat owners… this week I decided to start obsessing daydreaming about how we will design the interior of our liveaboard canal boat.

If you haven’t seen it already over on the #PROJECTLIVEABOARD page, here’s our dream Liveaboard Narrowboat wishlist.

For now though, if you came here looking for Narrowboat Interiors inspiration… just look at these stunning examples of how beautiful you can make your Liveaboard and how spacious too with clever compact living solutions!

PHOTO CREDIT: Clio the Muse I love the neutral colours in this arrangement for creating a sense of airiness and space, although it’s a little on the tame side for us — our motto being ‘Mental colours rule!’. But, see how the chair with legs creates the illusion of more space? Together with the 2 tone walls with the darker colour on the bottom, this boosts the perceived square footage no end.

PHOTO CREDIT: freetoventure.blogspot.com Ok so this is totally up my street! Maybe a little too much for Mr B.. and most people maybe… but I could just dive headfirst into this photograph and never come back. There’s not one thing I dislike… simply stunning!!

PHOTO CREDIT: Ikea Family +IKEA UK are the Kings of Compact Living we all know and love, so it’s no surprise this awesome kitchen set up on a family houseboat uses their Bygel Kitchen rails and wall mounted containers for storing cutlery. A great alternative when you are lacking drawer space. We are currently doing similar cutlery and utensil pails here at Mum’s in our one under-the-sink cupboard, as there just isn’t the space to accommodate all our cooking paraphernalia too.

PHOTO CREDIT: Apolloduck via. Pinterest If you haven’t ditched all your books for a Kindle to save space on your liveaboard Narrow boat, this clever shelving storage solution is the perfect library! Scroll down to see the rest of this beautiful boat.

PHOTO CREDIT: Apolloduck via. Pinterest This beautiful Boho-chic canal boat London barge just shows how even in a small living space you can still accomodate homely touches. By using a slim reclaimed wood table and push under stools, you can still have a dining table in the MIDDLE, yes middle, of the boat. Awesome! That looks like a pretty large leather sofa too.

PHOTO CREDIT: Richard Powers @ the Guardian You’ve probably already seen this beautiful Parisian Dutch barge all over Pinterest already but it’s just so beautiful and my dream style Liveaboard! Again it’s a little on the darker side for our taste palette-wise but just look at the extra space and dual-level that Wheelhouse gives you.

PHOTO CREDIT: Richard Powers @ the Guardian

PHOTO CREDIT: Electric Gipsyland via. Pinterest

Wow I love this. Blue is usually such a cold colour but with this vibrant Bahama blue mixed with tropical prints and chartreuse it creates a bright warm space. The floating worktop creates a perception of extra space.

PHOTO CREDIT: liveforthesoul.blogpsot.com

Now this is one helluva houseboat… it’s HUGE! But check out that under eave book and wine bottle storage! This is doable on a smaller scale.

PHOTO CREDIT: Tabby Booth via. frommoontomoon.blogspot.co.uk A sleeping nook! We recently viewed a couple of tugs at +Whilton Marina Ltd and were enchanted by the idea of a sleeping nook. With a family to accomodate in the future, we considered the tug style Narrowboat long and hard. This beautiful Boho styling by Illustrator Tabby Booth is swinging me back in that direction… even if it’s just for our fur-babies.

PHOTO CREDIT: Tabby Booth via. frommoontomoon.blogspot.co.uk

PHOTO CREDIT: +Venetian Marine Ltd

Another bright and airy contemporary theme in this Narrowboat … again it needs a little more colour for me (and where did the kitty go?!) but see how using the light neutrals and slightly metallic and reflective surfaces creates a feeling of spaciousness as the light bounces around the space.

PHOTO CREDIT: eBay via. Pinterest How cute is this retro diner themed liveaboard narrowboat?! I love the flamingo wallaper in the back there. There’s no reason you can’t use wallpaper on board just as you would in bricks and mortar.

PHOTO CREDIT: Apolloduck via. Pinterest

This an interesting and clever way to set up a larger TV on a liveaboard canal boat! We plan to invest in a projector and pull down screen mounted to the ceiling but this could work in a bedroom.

PHOTO CREDIT: Apolloduck via. Pinterest This kitchen area is too big for me… weirdly I always do my best cooking when camping or in smaller spaces which is great for our Liveaboard Narrow boat as there will be more living/lounging space freed up in the Saloon. But this is the first full sized (well almost) fridge I have seen on board! Likes it. And 2 wood burners! Toasty.

See more Narrowboat and Liveaboard Canal Houseboat interiors on our joint Narrowboat Pinterest Board by clicking here. If you’d like to join just ask!


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