Phoenix Sisters( Chapter 5 The mysterious shadow)

After the phoenix family got back into the happy one piece again, everything has been PERFECT. Every day the kids woke up in the “Z-Z-Z-” sound of bacon in the frying pan, took their morning baths in the fluffy clouds, ate their lunch on the roof, took cookies and red tea as their afternoon snack and had fish barbecue right on top of a tree and fell asleep in their mother’s warm hug.

But odd things kept happening. For example, Sunshine’s pillow disappeared, Moonlight often heard whistles from the roof and Amy insisted that someone touched her ice cream (although everyone thought that she was making it up). And there was also an odd thing that only Moonlight had noticed. She discovered that the Star of Miracle had already disappeared for nearly two weeks, and the last time she saw that star, it was really close to the ground. Moonlight knew this phenomenon very well. It means that the star is going to fall forever. And when this happens, the star will become really weak, which means it doesn’t glow very brightly any more. But when the Star of Miracle does fall, it will be so bright, even brighter than it used to be in the sky.

But no one paid much attention to these strange things that kept happening, until one day, when Sunshine and Moonlight were out fishing on the roof at night.

“I think I saw something that just passed through the air!””

“Something flying, right?”


“Could it be-”

“a phoenix?!”

Moonlight and Sunshine stared at each other, both frightened and excited.

“It can’t be one of us because you and I are right here, mom is in the kitchen and Amy is sleeping!”

“So what do you say, should we follow that…… whatever that is?”

“But what if it isn’t a phoenix, what if we get lost, and even if it is a phoenix, how do we know that it will not be hostile to us?”

“What you’re worrying about could be true, but are you willing to risk it?’’