Team Spheron is ecstatic to announce the conclusion of a seed round of USD 1.3 million at a value of USD 12.5 million from industry-leading VCs and marquee Angel Investors in April of this year.
Ascensive Assets (round leader), Alpha Chain, Onchain Capital, Master Ventures, X21 Digital, Seven X, and Innovation are just a few of the strategic VCs who have joyfully added Spheron to their portfolios. Spheron is ecstatic about the help they’ve received from Aniket Jindal (Bioconomy) and Mohak Agarwal ( Claystack). Ajit Kumar Tripathi of AAVE, Prateek Jain of BlockOG Capital, Ravinder Kumar of Frontier, Tamar Menteshashvili of Solana Labs, and Siddharth Jain of BlockOG Capital.
This would not have been possible without the early support of Arweave and 1kx, who have always believed in them!

Spheron has been working to deliver the power of the internet back to the people since January 2021, creating a decentralized web of connectivity free of censorship, lost data, and corporate and government meddling.
The adventure with Spheron began during the Arweave Fellowship Program when they embarked on the development of a blockchain-based front-end web app deployment system and rushed to provide a minimum viable product for initial evaluation. Spheron’s original launch had a lot of attention, so they chose to validate our concept. Their idea was accepted for the Gitcoin grant, and they received a lot of positive feedback from the community.
Spheron welcomed their investors into their family in April, inviting them to join the company’s mission to provide a decentralized, uncensored, and permanent hosting platform for businesses and ideas on the internet, with 100 percent uptime, one-time pricing, and global scale-up in a matter of clicks.
“In a decentralized environment, we want to become an infrastructure aggregator that will assist developers and make enterprise onboarding frictionless.”
They intend to increase their efforts in development, marketing, and giving back to the ecosystem that supported them with the latest round of money.
Spheron invites anyone interested in helping to create the product and bridge the gap between web 2.0 and web 3.0 to join them on this trip!

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