Dolven Labs Testnet v1.0 Overview

Dolven Labs
3 min readOct 21, 2022


It is with immense excitement that we have scheduled to announce the launch of Dolven Labs Testnet Version 1.0 to be released on October 22nd at 2 PM UTC.

As most of our users are already aware that Dolven Labs is a DAO based ecosystem catalyst that aims to create value in the StarkNet ecosystem. With the testnet going public, the users would be able to access the new functions and innovative features to test the modules.


Testnet is open to all users for testing, but the users which have secured Testnet Role by participating in Testnet Campaign by Dolven Labs will receive incentives.

A feedback form is in place to collect feedback from users testing the Testnet.
Feedback form:

Starknet id( is collaborating with us, offering their project as a Test Case, for testing the Airdrop module.

With this announcement, Dolven Labs is reinstating its commitment to delivering a seamless permissionless experience for its users.

Being fortunate enough to get the support of the community and being able to assimilate the users attention, the refined modules of the Testnet v1.0 would give an opportunity to the users to get the look and feel before the mainnet release.

Here’s what to expect :

  • User summary & registration
  • Staking & Farming Vaults
  • Vault Statistics
  • Unstaker Protocol
  • Merkle Tree supported token distributor (Airdrop Module)
  • Permissionless Token Minter Protocol

The addresses for Dolven Labs tokens:

DLV Token

LP Token

About Dolven Labs

Dolven Labs is a DAO Based Ecosystem Catalyst for projects built on the StarkNet Network, it aims to be the future of investing, deal flow, and value creation in the StarkNet Ecosystem.

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