Balance is the Key to a Happy Life

“Be self aware, rather than a repetitious robot” 
 ― Bruce Lee

If I could give one piece of advice to anyone, it would be to maintain balance within your life. A balance in life requires doing things that are good for you as well as the things that can be viewed as bad. The key is understanding how much of each you need to be happy.


All too often we find things in life that make us happy and we over do them. These things may have a positive impact to begin with, but over indulging in anything can take it’s toll on more important facets of our lives.

We gain satisfaction from eating our favourite foods, watching TV shows, getting likes on social media posts and having some drinks to ease the stress. These things play a role in keeping us happy, but only momentarily.

In our modern era of instant satisfaction, it is very easy to be misguided into doing something easy and fun constantly in our free time. Constantly getting feedback from people online can easily turn itself into craving that attention on a regular basis. Watching our favourite TV shows can be relaxing, but with so many at our fingertips this can easily turn into binge watching. Ordering fast foods so readily available with the touch of a button is convenient but can lead to an unhealthy lifestyle. Having a great night out drinking with friends is always refreshing, but we can spend endless weeks trying to re-create a feeling from 2 years ago.

The problem with too much of anything is that it can begin to manifest itself in a negative way.

What is Good and Bad?

On the flipside, things that are widely regarded as positive can also have a negative impact on your life. Being a hard worker of course means that we are determined and benefiting ourselves financially. However, if your life is solely based around your work then this can impact your emotions and social interactions greatly.

Everybody loves to take holidays and travel, yet the impact of leaving everything behind constantly can cause set backs in your relationships and goals.

It is imperative to realise when you are doing too much of something that is affecting the balance with other things that make you happy in life.

This is exactly why we must maintain a balance within ourselves by creating equilibrium in our lifestyle.

Earn It

Our habits, hobbies and lifestyle in general comprise of what cause us pleasure and pain. By repeating the pleasurable aspects of our lives too frequently they will lose their appeal and ultimately cause pain.

These indulgent aspects must be preserved until we really need them to bring us happiness. They are needed in times when we are over worked and stressed about the important things needed to do on a daily basis. The positive factors repeated frequently should be aimed to an important life goal. When this goal is realised, the steps taken to achieve it should take priority over any momentary satisfaction that can divert our attention.

Everything in life that is gained through hard work feels so much more pleasurable once you have earned the right to do so. It does not mean you should live a life void of guilty pleasure, but know the right time to enjoy.

Incorporate your passions into your lifestyle, the one’s that truly provide happiness in the long term. Anything that requires your personal journey to get there is going to make you much happier in the end. The fleeting moments of achievement will only provide grief later on when they lose their appeal.

What is actually doing good for your life compared to what you thought was good momentarily? You must balance out the positives to have preference over the negatives and ultimately find the happy life you deserve no matter what you are doing.