Breaking Our Own Routine

It’s Saturday. With all the free time in the world there is always something on my mind I feel like I should be doing. Coming to my mid-twenties it is always a mixture of going out to do something with my friends, or to stay home and do something for work or my family. A lot of the time in these situations however I will always choose the easy way — going out with friends or doing absolutely nothing. Coming to this age what you realise is that free time to relax and do nothing is getting less every day. What you also realise is that there are less people to see as time is starting to pass you by if you aren’t busy getting on with life. What you need to be realising though is that this isn’t a bad thing at all.

If I was to go spend a day with my friend’s it would most likely be having beers, going to the beach, looking for somewhere to essentially waste the day socialising. If I was to work on something it would be e-mails, schoolwork or try to be productive reading. The thing is that this is all a routine that I have built up in my head all of these years, that when I have a free day these are the options that I HAVE to do. Not doing something along the lines of this makes me feel like I’ve wasted the day and a lot of the times I do. What I haven’t realised until now is that by having to catch up on my work is that I was actually wasting the time in which I am paid to do it. All the other times I had been doing nothing but watching TV at home I could have also been using this time to be productive or spend that extra time with my family. In actual fact, a wasted day is a complete different definition in the real world to what I have conjured up in my head.

If I change my perspective to see that the whole day itself has so much time, I could create a better routine that is beneficial to me with not only one option. If I just wake up a little earlier I can achieve all of the things I want to. If I see that I don’t need to go to the beach to relax by the water when there is a pool in my backyard. If doing nothing includes me deep in thought about something I want to achieve then it isn’t doing nothing. If I find time for family, productivity, relaxation and making steps however little as they may be towards my goals the day itself is not wasted at all.

If we don’t do things differently we can never expect to see different results. Look to change routines and perspectives you have developed in your life and shape them more towards the things you want to achieve.

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