Improvise, Adapt and Overcome

There will always be doubters. When one aims to achieve the impossible, how else should the general public react? This is because the majority cannot comprehend the reality of achieving something great, let alone something truly amazing. The story presented before you will be detailing the Irish MMA Champion turned boxing title challenger — Conor McGregor, and how just 23 seconds of video will allow us to see that impossible is just a word.

Although the above is to do with fighting, we can adapt this situation to anything where we want to achieve a great goal. Be it business, self belief or simply improving as a person, it can all be related back to this man and the 23 seconds of action you have just watched.

The Impossible Goal

As mentioned earlier, Conor McGregor — a multiple time world champion in the sport of MMA, will be challenging in the sport of Boxing. Although Boxing is one of the many forms of combat a mixed martial artist must know, the skills generally possessed in this art are very limited compared to that of a pure boxer. Furthermore, the challenge he faces ahead is that of a Prize Fighter in every sense of the word; one considered to be the greatest of all time and with one of the greatest records in all of combat sports — Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather.

The Public Opinion

The whole event has been doubted from the beginning. How could a champion in one combat sport seemingly transition to another and challenge the widely regarded GOAT? Something that was unimaginable until it was announced to happen. Basic commerce; if there is a demand for it, then there is always a way to supply it. For Conor, to imagine the impossible is nothing new. Only 4 years prior he was collecting welfare checks from the Government, and with this announcement he would be fighting for nothing less than a $100 million. Now with no doubt that the fight was going ahead all the doubt was now placed on to how an MMA fighter would even land a punch on the best defensive boxer of all time.

Those who can’t seem to act on their dreams fall back on negativity and tend to criticise someone chasing their own. For Conor, his mission of being a cage fighting star seemed impossible from the very beginning. His Father forbid it, he couldn’t imagine his son choosing a different path over the usual blue collar life in working class Ireland. When he became a professional the doubt was then placed on his skills against other fighters. How could a striker best a wrestler? How could a young Irish fighter beat a 10 year reigning champion? How could someone from Ireland even be on the radar to be one of the greatest fighters of all time?

All these opinions have now been debunked, Conor has bested all of the foes that the public doubted him on, and he proved his father wrong to be not only a professional fighter but a multiple time world champion. After all of this, how could finding a way to beat a great boxer be any different?

“See it. Believe it. Work hard and Achieve it.”

These are words to live by. The whole story up until this point can allow you to see that if you have a clear vision, believe in it enough to put all of your focus towards the ‘how’ and moving forward, then it is always possible to accomplish that goal.

To be so poor that you need Government support, to then only 4 years later potentially being a part of the most profitable fight of all time. From not having a clear future in a seemingly dead end career, to then being on the Forbes List. From a pimple faced, working class Irish Kid who loved a scrap then becoming the face of the fight game and a symbol for achieving the unachievable — this is the story of Conor McGregor.

The 23 seconds of video shown earlier may just be a sparring match, but what it symbolises is the whole journey up until this point. An unimaginable journey which started from a dream, one that any of us could imagine in our days at work yearning for more. Something that can be more than a dream if you simply believe in your passion and work hard enough to achieve it.

The How.

What else this video symbolises is another ‘how’ to McGregor’s next goal, besting a pure boxer, in a boxing match. To consistently move forward Conor has always had to adapt to the environment he was in, improvise a solution which ultimately has led him to overcoming any obstacles within his way.

What we see is a sparring match between a 0–0 boxer in McGregor and 36–8 multiple world champion in his opponent, Paulie Malignaggi. Common sense and public opinion would suggest that the above scene could never occur. The same way Conor’s whole journey up until this point shouldn’t have occurred, yet here we are a week and a half away from the biggest fight of all time. The way this fight was sold was based off McGregor bringing attributes to the table that a pure boxer has not seen before, an unorthodox style and a cracking left hand that will provide problems.

Here we see the proof, in just 23 seconds we see the unorthodox movement that allows Conor to hit Paulie from multiple angles in ways a traditional boxer wouldn’t move. We also see a clear strategy that must be put on his opponent, constant pressure. As soon as Conor lands a punch we see another land, although they look a little dirty and in boxing terms ‘poor form’. This is simply Conor showing his adaptability to hit from unconventional spots and keeping the pressure which is a must against such a defensively skilled opponent. He also appears to hit all available targets to him, making use of the larger gloves in boxing to make his hands a weapon almost clubbing his foe with them. Most importantly, Conor lands the powerful left hand on the offensive. Generally this has been used as a counter punch for him, drawing in his opponents to create such a heavy collision that they are finished from the moment they move forward. Again adapting to the circumstances presented before him, no defensive boxer as skilled as Mayweather will fall into his usual traps. It is imperative that he use his power on the offensive, combined with an unorthodox, sometimes dirty, style and movement to overcome this next hurdle in his quest for greatness.

This journey can serve as inspiration to all of us. Think about what it is you really want in life, trust in this dream and keep progressing to achieve it. Along the way there will always be obstacles and naysayers but it is up to you to improvise the ‘how’, adapt the solution to your situation and overcome everything in your way. Don’t believe me yet? Wait until August 26th and see just how far the dream of one man has developed into an unimaginable reality.