The Beautiful Struggle

“It’s impossible to go through life unscathed. Nor should you want to. By the hurts we accumulate, we measure both our follies and our accomplishments.”

Christopher Paolini

At least once you will hear this question and wonder the answer:

What is the meaning of life?

Generally people are searching for the meaning, in an attempt to define themselves as well as the life they are living.

The most common perception is that we will never know. We truly will never know the actual meaning of life, or why we are here.

We are living creatures, living our lives, in a livid world.

Life is one long journey that ultimately leads to death. Throughout this journey you will experience the highest of highs, the lowest of lows and everything else in between. The good, the bad and the weird. All of the moments that occur in these times will help you find a definition for yourself.

Life in general though will always be a mystery.

None of us will live the perfect life. If we don’t even know the true meaning of it how can we know the right plan to master it?

What we do know is that to be alive is beautiful and we need to believe this everyday.

There are so many variables that would have to come to play for you to exist today. Firstly your parents had to meet, your sperm cell had to fight it’s way to the corresponding egg in your mothers womb. Your mother had to maintain her health, and other factors had to come into play to ensure the 9 months did not kill you, along with the birthing process itself. Even before this your grandparents, forefathers and every little thing that happened has contributed in one way or another to make you the person you are today.

What a beautiful thing life is.

What we also know even just by reading that, is that life itself is a struggle. To be born in this world isn’t easy, but to live in it and survive is the hardest thing of all.

Nobody will go through life unscathed by something. Whether it be physical pain, emotional anguish or embarrassment, in our living form we have so many ways to be tested. There are also so many dangers in the human experience that we can never foresee and must be aware of.

Because of these two certainties, along with death (and taxes), we need to embrace our beautiful life and even more than that embrace the struggle before us.

It is one long journey ahead full of surprising twists and turns that you would never imagine would happen. These events may cause us harm, but they allow us to grow and learn more about what life really means to us.

Life is a beautiful struggle. It is a journey to get to the end. It is the greatest experience any creature could have and is also the most difficult. In order to keep moving on this journey, we must take the good with the bad and learn from it all. If life wasn’t this way it wouldn’t be worth living.

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