Overcoming Villains

For every Yin there is a Yang.

The Super Hero comics we grew up reading that portrayed a good force and an evil antagonist to battle were not so different to things we could experience in life later on.

In School there was always that one bully who would try their best to ruin your day.

In our Jobs we find that there can always be a person of authority who makes your tasks that little bit more difficult.

I am sure all the younger siblings out there understand my pain to have a physically/mentally imposing, aggressive older brother or sister who makes life hell.

The comic book characters weren’t just another fairytale, but a metaphor to the struggles people will face in life. These struggles are seen in our relationships with nearly everyone we encounter.

For every positive, well mannered person you meet who is empathetic to your life, there is always their opposite. One or more people come along as an evil force spreading their negative influence on whoever will listen to make things difficult.

By being the stronger person, with a positive outlook in the situation, you will always come out on top.

People are truly able to prosper in life when they are surrounded by like minded individuals. If your circle consists of negative people, you may appear to be happy as a gang of Villains. Gossiping and talking shit about everyone who comes along your way. But being negative really gets you nowhere in life.

If you are a good person who wants to improve themselves everyday, you truly have to become like the Super Heroes you grew up idolising. You need to eliminate the Villains from your life and keep your ‘Super’ friends.

Keep a positive mindset and keep doing good for those who truly matter to you. Don’t get hung up on a negative person’s influence on your life. Focus on being the best version of yourself — your own Super Hero.