Big Bro/Lil Bro Adventure #6

There was one very positive development during Big Brother/Little Brother night. 14-year-old Lil Bro arrived, as usual, texting with friends, family and girlfriend. This went on as we got ready to take a long walk to the art show at the local college in Santa Fe. Along the stroll I took a short business call.

After I hung up Lil Bro stopped in his tracks and said, “Can we turn off our phones tonight and just be us two?”

I was actually startled for a moment and said with a grin, “Sure. But do you think you can survive unwired?”

We turned off our phones and we walked. And talked.

We passed the New Mexico School for the Deaf which prompted Lil Bro to ask, “What happens to people can’t hear or talk or see?”

This led me to describing the film about Helen Keller called The Miracle Worker. Lil Bro wanted to know the end of the movie and how it all worked out for Helen being taught to communicate without sight or hearing.

I said, “It’s very complicated so why don’t we can watch the film soon.”

We then passed beautiful adobe buildings that make up the Santa Fe Indian School that’s owned by the 19 Pueblos of New Mexico. Lil Bro asked, “What are Pueblos?”

Talking. Listening. Talking.

When we got to a café to stop for a quick bite Lil Bro asked, “Can I turn the phone on now?”

I nodded with a smile.

Lil Bro then discovered that his battery had died so we had the entire night as “just us two.”

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