• Jared Wesner

    Jared Wesner

  • Hans McMurdy

    Hans McMurdy

    Writing a JavaScript Book, looking for a job where I can code, teach & mentor. https://git.io/JeNi2. linkedin.com/in/brett-hans-mcmurdy

  • Dilli R Sharma

    Dilli R Sharma

  • eva destruktion

    eva destruktion

    Though she could not say exactly what it was she wanted to do, she knew that it was something grand & gloomy & extremely difficult. D. Tartt, The Little Friend

  • Stu Cavill

    Stu Cavill

    Agile leader with a passion for getting the best out of humans in this technology-driven world. All views are that of my own

  • Median E. Rawashdeh

    Median E. Rawashdeh

    Creative problem solver, lateral thinker & technologist, who enjoys creating futuristic solutions. Otherwise known as "The Hawk" by his peers @EulerFoundation

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