3 Valuable lessons learned while creating my first luxury listing video

2.65 million dollar home. $50,000 commission. Related to the seller. Time to step the game up on the marketing right?


So I created a script, enlisted actors, wrote a story that I thought was significant, bought the camera and editing software, and made it happen. Here’s the 3 lessons I learned while creating my first luxury listing video:

1. Create the video yourself

The real estate industry pushes leverage down our throats. According to 98% of advice I’ve heard in the industry, I need to be leveraging my time and money by hiring people to do things like marketing and video production. I’ve listened, and I’ve hired others to do my videos.

But now I’ve tried doing it myself. And it was hard as hell and it was challenging and it pushed my limits of what I know. It was uncomfortable, and I was forced to learn.

By no means am I an expert, but at least I know what goes into making a listing video. I know the time, energy, effort, focus, cost, and resources it takes to produce a final product. I bring that knowledge into every listing I do from this point forward.

And as a huge bonus, my clients and I had a blast doing it.

2. When in doubt, go to YouTube

I needed to know which camera to buy, which editing software to use, where to find background music, how to record audio, etc. Every question I had throughout the process was answered by a You Tuber. A couple of my favorites that I’ve got a ton of useful tips from:

Film Making: Rob n Jonas’ Film making tips

Editing: ECAbrams

Gear, etc: Dave Dugdale

Ultimately, all information needed to complete the project are online at YouTube. You just have to do it.

3. Continually remind yourself it will never be perfect

I could have spent about 20 to 25 more hours editing in premiere and after effects. The windows could have been less blown out, a majority of the audio wasn’t stellar, some sequences are too long, others too short.

Ultimately, there came a point where I needed to just let it fly based on what I felt was a good representation of the story, rather than trying to make it perfect. The old saying really reigns true: “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”

With that being said, here’s the video that I created, 9k views in 72 hours which has me super, super thrilled.

Thanks for reading. Take care.