A fool, and his prey.

You can tell from afar that they work on a ship. It’s like a stank of deep humidity. The invisible lipstick lingers in the air as they have already experimented with each other. The wait, they have checked there wifi called home. It will be almost 28 hours before the ship leaves the port of Montreal. The distraction , the drink the simple mix of liquids will save many a ship person. Unless, you lose complete control of yourself.

She was sweet , soft spoken red haired lady of the ship. A manager in training. A person who was clearly friends with a man who I assumed was dating her at first. However, after using the same lousy line a second time of how his debit card does not work as she trustingly handed hers to him .

He managed to pay his drinks and his new friends drinks with the card. He never paid hers. A good gentleman pays her companions drinks , it is just sheer friendly curtesy. I mean it is her card after all.

We head off to another bar and the same man in touquise shirt and a bright orange hat, was stripping on the streets of old Montreal.The same streets where the weather can bite your face around the corner. In his Bravado of telling his manager in training “you aint got nothing”.

It is seen, if a human being downs a vodka red bull he will be bouncing off the walls like a rat trapped in a box. However if you down 4–6 Vodka redbulls you tend to understand the writing of Carlos Constanza and the use of peyote.

Three bars and many drinks later He lost her debit card…

Her had the most innocent , oh no (but he really did not care) face. Her looked at his same pockets over and over and his hi came down. He began to apologize . she was ready to accept untill the bartender jumps in

“Debit Card? I got it right here!”

After she paid his drinks his new friends drinks , and just about ready to accept the loss of the card even .

The man jumps up out of his seat and to the gentle soft spoken ship manager lady launches a tirade of insults and gestures! That only a man would see in the back alley of a crack den.

To her , to her face,to her mind She finally get’s it! when you realise you been fooled for almost 6 months on a ship. That filled with other people who know you been fooled. It is like watching a pitcher of beer explode at the crack of a gun. .

I am ducking from my drink being launched at the hyperactive honey badger man. I also ran for cover when she launched the table full of drinks at me and the bartender. Who where trying to diffuse the current rage.

She left me his hat and the bill to pay. What can I say, ship life, you learn fast for some at least.