On June 1st 2018 I went to the AmsterdamJS conference and I’d like to share my thoughts on the various talks and the conference as a whole. If you’d like to watch the talks you can check out their live stream or just keep reading and I’ll link to each individual talk directly.

Watch out. I’m a GIF addict.

First off I’d like to thank the organisers, they did an amazing job! There was a great vibe and lots of cool people with a common passion for Javascript. …

same conference, different story / This post is also available in italian

As announced in our previous article, we went to the 2017 ePIC conference to talk about our project and listen to other people talk about their involvement with Open Recognition and Open Badges.

The following is a brief recap of our experience.


We approached the ePIC hoping to find a conference where groups of like-minded people gather to share their experiences and projects. …

same code, different story / this post is also available in Italian

Thank you Warner Bros, Larry and Andy Wachowski for the imaginary “The Matrix”.

edit 2018 — we started writing a detailed document available at https://oracles.growbit.xyz

In the previous stories we’ve told you how GrowBit was born and what we’ve set ourselves to do in the next steps.

This is the first introductory article to how GrowBit works under the hood.

Before we start, we need to identify our use case and what problems it brings with it.

We want to allow students to self-certify grades that are available in the Italian “National Electronic Register”.


Yes, all parents will be able…

Domenico Gemoli

Frontend developer @ booking.com

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