Undisrupted: HubSpot’s Reflections On Scathing Book
Dharmesh Shah

Dharmesh, from the outside I like Hubspot, and is obviously an anticipator, it did open a market, a new way, so … chapeaux! But getting this general, you should agree that most of the tech area companies are fake originality, fake happyness, forced smiley environment, high five empty of substance, often not really meritocratic, often and often to be youngish it’s alcool oriented, etc,etc, I mean to look attractive to people, in a forced way, extreme, create these conditions, and you cannot deny that is often diffuse as substance of the company environment, so new companies should really think to be less “attractive” and more attractive, because I can ensure, I did worked in various companies, but the industrial one do engage people with their concreteness, their serious passion on what they create and how do create , sell and deliver (I did worked for Ingersoll rand, and it was amazing to see how everybody was so focussed and passionate and how the company did respected employees and motivate them to do good without using fake high five and easy and small way to get concreteness) and let’s have tech companies do that, as they are the new industry , and they should be much more concrete, serious, does not mean to be bohring, at all, just more serious, and this would be reflected in what they do, what they sell, and how do they sell …

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