Constantly Calibrating on Work and Life: Why “Balance” is Bull
sima sistani

Excellent thoughts and insights. I find it so irritating at times that our entire culture is moving the “throwaway point” closer and closer to birth. We already assume the elderly are worthless burdens for the most part. Many of our 50+ neighbors and friends have not been able to find employment following the great banking scam(recession). In the past one was considered at their career peak in their 40's, but now it seems if you haven’t set the world on fire by 30, you missed your shot…

I’m all for the optimism and open mindedness of youth. My 9 and 11 year old sons remind me of how much I don’t know everyday and how often I miss the everyday excitement of living. There is a special magic in being a parent that gives us a unique perspective. (Never mind we won’t have the next generation of start up geniuses if no one decides to reproduce.) We know there’s more to life than our ego based ambitions. Not that ambition is fundamentally negative, it’s just simply one of the ingredients to a successful business. A broader sense that there is more to the world than our own wants and needs is valuable too.

American business culture seems to be missing more and more the value of perspective. Taking time to step back versus an all out forward assault. Understanding a well rounded life and varied interests are the seeds of creativity. A little bit of personal growth and self awareness goes a long way and is crucial to being a good team member. Culture is the most important aspect of any business, yet is often overlooked, especially in start ups. Does any start up even take into consideration how they plan to shape and grow their culture as they develop their elevator pitch or chase the next VC round?

Some of us old folks(I’m 42 and learning to code) have many other professional skills to bring to the table that just might provide that extra edge or different take or calming influence. Don’t count us out just yet…

Thank you for this 👍

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