We can NOT relax ..
John Whitling

How do we fix it? What can be done to educate people on the truth about government debt and monetary policy? This seems so critical in our current socio-political climate. Yes we have some core beliefs surrounding ethnocentric ideas that certainly reduce social empathy, but I see those things as superficial. Those beliefs are symptoms of an underlying misunderstanding rooted in beliefs that we live in a world governed by scarcity rather than abundance. It is clear to me that humans do not have a problem based on lack of resources, but rather an inefficient use and distribution/access to resources.

This seems rooted in this false belief we have surrounding public debt. I wonder if there is a more effective way to inform people beyond public discourse. Of course it’s nice to see people discussing here and I’m sure on other web forums, but I don’t see these ideas being widely distributed. Could we create a website or app? Find a way to “gamify” this concept? As someone who studied political science it has long been know to me that all conflict can be ultimately traced to economic issues. Wars are always fought for economic reasons. The conflict is never morally defined as much as propaganda would like us to believe. Politics in the US is most certainly class related and has been in any society throughout history. When societies manage income inequality efficiently, social movements and other social issues become far more manageable. Essentially, people have more time for advocacy when their basic needs are met.

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