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Indeed, it seems people are potentially missing the point. However I think Medium could have clearly done a better job rolling it out. Combine the two and you get a but if mayhem and friction. in the end though if you don’t support something directly there are two courses: It goes away or someone else supports it and you get no say in the matter.

I’ve only been active here for a a month or so and have been evangelical since day one. I’m a true believer in the vision. If it fails, no worries. I am certain it will have laid the groundwork for something better. If not, then awesome 🍾🍾🍾

The key is we need a disruption to the manipulation of information online. We have always needed to keep our media as free and informative as possible, but the last few years of the web have really shown us what happens when giants emerge and begin to monopolize eyeballs. In this Internet age, the means to control minds are stronger than ever. The good news is, they are also more accessible than ever to everyone.

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