Original by the Author.

Art by the author uses the text of this poem to generate the image via the Night Cafe AI Art creator engine.


The craving clings to you

A sensual serpent

False promises of unending pleasure

The impending pain grows

Before the first taste

Waves of pleasure

The remorse builds in tandem

Did you take from another?

Or did you give all of yourself?

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Original by the author

Original AI art by the author. Generated by entering the poem’s words into the art generator at NightCafe.

Give Us Space

See, as if for the first time

Every time we meet

With the newborn eyes of existence

Challenge us to grow

Without the whip of criticism

But with the soft hands of compassion

Abandon judgment

Cradle us with acceptance

Shower us with understanding

Share our vulnerability

We will see strength, courage

Be present

Let shame be lonely

Let the past decay

Let the future amaze us

Let love drive our ambition

Thank you for reading my work.



An original poem by the author.

Picture is original AI-generated art based on feeding this poem as text into the generator at NightCafe.

You’ll Never Know

You’ll never know.

What they say about you when you’re gone.

You won’t hear the laughter.

Or wipe their tears.

Or hear the stories they will tell.

Or the heavy silence.

The hollow words of condolence.

The sincere embrace.

Or smell their fear of mortality.

You might wonder how it will be sometimes.

Thinking they should have known you.

Taken a chance on your truth.

Were they curious?

At all?

I hope you like my work. I felt the text-to-art generator nailed it with the artwork.