What a abhorrent piece of left wing propaganda.
Durban Poison

I figured people would either agree or choose to attack your response. I hear your frustration. We all get party blind in these things and it’s hurting all of us. I agree with you: The democrats are nowhere near clean or acting in our interests either.

As a country we need to stop allowing the elites to divide and conquer us so easily. The media is biased on both sides offering little to improve our knowledge of the truth or provide good information for any of us. BOTH parties have to go or be seriously rebuilt from the ground up. We need to completely rewrite our laws and demand as voters that we get more accountability and honest representation in politics.

We all need to stop shouting at each other. We are not the problem. We have an elite ruling class of politicians and special interests who have invaded our country like a virus. “Know your enemy” is the first thing necessary to create any real change. Squabbling over social issues or pointing figures at “coastal elites” or “rural rednecks” is exactly what those in power love to see. It keeps us from looking at them.

Trump is dirty. Hilary is dirty, They are all dirty. I for one am tired of voting for the lesser of two evils. There is no lesser, just a different marketing package to cover the filth.

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