I’m a copywriter who makes riot grrrl posters sometimes

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the first of many

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She always thought it was funny how it takes your brain a few seconds to catch up with your eyes when they first flutter open in the morning. Even when it’s a special day you’ve been waiting for your whole life, it seems like. You’re just laying there all damp and warm with sleep then your mind finally wakes up and you’re suddenly overcome with the remembering.

That’s how it happened this morning for Meredith anyway, the second that blur went out of her eyes and she saw her pink dress hanging from the back of the closet door. Her…

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this is your boyfriend

That Country Air

Mmmmm, smell that? So crisp and so clean. Just really take a deep breath and let it fill you up. Not just your lungs, but your soul. Did you know that fresh air can actually help you eliminate stress? Really soak it in. Because you seemed SUPER stressed on the drive up here. Is something wrong? Are you on your period? If you’re on your period just make sure you don’t try to flush any tampons down the toilet. The plumbing in this place is really old.

Long Walks In The Woods

There is just nothing like…

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“Knock-Knock!” Candace had trilled, standing in the doorway of my tiny office.

Why do people do that? Actually say the word “knock knock” instead of just knocking? Maybe they teach that at corporate HR training. Don’t startle the worker bees with aggressive percussion, just use a soothing voice to alert them to your presence instead!

No good conversation ever started this way. It’s more like, “knock knock, you’ve got cancer!” or “knock knock, Gestapo calling!” Or, in this case, “knock knock, we’ve chosen you to represent our team at a corporate improv workshop!”

That was three weeks ago. Now I’m…

A ghost(ing) story

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Actual photo of agency HR person

In the sister/brotherhood of the underemployed, there is one indignity that seems to rise above the rest. No, it’s not the long dry spells that can sometimes happen between freelance gigs, or the tenuous health care situation, or even those days when you end up binge watching Felicity (even though you really don’t like it) because you can’t spend one more second trawling LinkedIn for leads.

No, it’s worse than that…even that one season of Felicity where she cut off all her hair into that weird poodle pixie.

I’m talking about GHOSTING.

When agencies and recruiters say…

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