Playlist III

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Continuing our series of music that matters to our creative research, this week’s collection is about harmony and discord. The juxtaposition of disparate styles creates something interesting; pushing against the constraints of rock music instrumentation.

Here’s the latest playlist

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10 tracks and a one-line comment. Listen on Apple Music or Spotify.

  1. “Dream House,” Deafheaven: Taking inspiration from diverse places, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts here
  2. “Og ny skog bæres frem,” Spurv: Interlacing horn and guitar passages elevate this piece to an orchestral experience
  3. “Shapeshifter,” Less Art: Achieves a paradoxical pretty-heaviness by restraining its brutality
  4. “Never Gone,” Big Jesus: My Bloody Valentine meets Deftones at Shibuya crossing
  5. “Exist Underground,” Poison the Well: Nuanced and sophisticated abrasiveness
  6. “Aom,” mouse on the keys: The stabbing, syncopated piano passages out-maneuver so many guitar riffs
  7. “Because,” The Beatles: Descending to baroque voices
  8. “Circuitry of the Wolf,” Mew: A rhapsodic alternative to rock
  9. “Egospect,” Sheep, Dog & Wolf: Multiform melodicism emanating from a loop station in Aotearoa
  10. “4th of July,” Soundgarden: The emotional weight of a depth charge

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