Playlist IV

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This collection is about music as altered experience. Writhing melodies, circular arrangements, riffs that mine your senses; inculcating and leaving something in your subconscious for later.

Here’s the latest playlist

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10 tracks and a one-line comment. Listen on Apple Music or Spotify.

  1. “Part Cardiac,” Oceansize: Seismic riffs and dissociative lyricism
  2. “After You Comes the Flood,” Mono: The sonic density of Steve Albini enshrines a neoclassical motif
  3. “Savory,” Jawbox: An emerging touchstone for our project
  4. “Calypso,” The Physics House Band: Nanobots create a lattice of orchestral-rock
  5. “So He Begins to Lie,” Bloc Party: Characteristically angular though a distinctly weightier moment in their repertoire
  6. “Slur,” The Malpractice: Sludge seeps into the grunge foundation of this grotesquely alluring piece
  7. “Journey to the Plains,” *Shels: As much feeling captured in the spaces between accents as in the rest of the aching instrumentation
  8. “You Without End,” Deafheaven: Transfiguration of metal into a George Martin epoch
  9. “The Aeroplane Flies High (Turns Left, Looks Right), Smashing Pumpkins: A single riff of near seven-minute abandon
  10. “Unending,” Lume: Imbues a devastating lethargy

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