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Our project has been developed remotely; meaning that all songs have been written and performed in isolation, captured on laptops then sent to the group to interpret and respond. Only recently have we spent time as three people in the same room playing live for pre-production. The human factor had an immediate impact: a kinetic force. Some multi-headed entity emerged at rancorous volume. We could feel that frictional energy in the riffs and the textured spaces between.

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Here’s the latest playlist

#posthardcore #progressivemetal #alternativerock

10 tracks and a one-line comment. Listen on Apple Music or Spotify.

  1. “Old Skin” Young Widows: To paraphrase Paul McLaney, great feel is about, ‘…not thinking of the beat as a mark on a grid but a circle to land in’
  2. “Fluoxetine: Burden Me,” Great Grief: Huge range in just 2:37
  3. “Generator,” Turnstile: A very “live” production ethic and tasteful tempo variance that builds the inertia of the track
  4. “15-38,” Birds in Row: An evocative performance from an enigmatic act
  5. “The Lovers,” Nine Inch Nails: One of the finest Song Exploder episodes
  6. “What’s Yours Was Mine is Never Leaving,” Bear the Mammoth: Emergent, protean post-rock
  7. “Ftg,” Part Chimp: Violent ocean currents across deep trenches of fuzz
  8. “Luxury Themes,” The Armed: Hello from the other side of the technicolor hardcore wormhole
  9. “The Cell,” Gojira: Sort of syncs up with the mutation in Akira; equally brutal
  10. “En Hvit Ravns Død,” Panopticon: More metal than a three-eyed raven (4:47)

We hope you discovered something you like. If you haven’t already, check out the previous playlists:


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