Marcio Jose Sanchez/AP, Pool

Do you believe in Miracles?

The mood in Oakland is a lot better today than it was 12 days ago.

12 days ago the Warriors were getting back from a 24 point loss to the Oklahoma City Thunder. They were looking in the face of elimination and a summer worth of “73–9 doesn’t matter without a championship.” They were needing three consecutive victories in a playoff series, something they had not done since the 2015 Finals vs the Cavs.

This team was better than the 2015 Cavs, they have Durant and Westbook. They have a Kiwi named Steven Adams. They had momentum. The Warriors were the underdogs now. Trying to do something that had only been done 9 times in the last 232 attempts. Mount the 3–1 comeback. They were going to need a miracle.

Game 5 Curry yelled “We ain’t going home.”

Game 6 Thompson turned on god mode.

Game 7 Confetti fell.

It was the best basketball of the year between two of the best teams of the league. Game 6 set a TV viewership record for the NBA this season. Game 7 broke that record. Everyone watched as two teams who were desperate and hungry fought through 7 games and the result was the best series we could ask for. Golden State needed a miracle and they got it.

Here we are just 6 days removed from the excitement of the best series in recent history and the Warriors are up 2–0 on the Cavs. Kyrie is shooting horribly. Love might be out for some games. Lebron is looking more and more frustrated every time the camera cuts to him. While the series is not over it doesn’t really feel like we are going to see the magic that the WCF gave us. This is going to be the whimper that the 2015–16 season goes out on. The ending that Golden State and Co have been working on for the last 8 months.

I tweeted about this as the series with the Cavs began and I think that it is going to hold true: we are going to look at these playoff’s the way we looked at the 1980 Olympic Hockey gold medal.

The band of college hockey players led by Kurt Russell, I mean Herb Brooks, shocked the world in Lake Placid, NY and gave us the “Miracle on Ice” when they beat Soviet Union national team 4–3. Many people have seen the movie, all of us can hear Al Michaels in our head when we read those three words. What we all do know is that that game was not the gold medal game, it only allowed the US to play Finland, needing a win to secure that medal. Obviously as we know, the team won 4–2 and took home the gold.

While Golden State was not the underdog going into the series with OKC, after the game 4 loss they had ~4% chance of winning the series. From that moment on, they became Miracle on Court, but much like 1980 if they didn’t finish the job it would be all for nothing.

We still have some basketball to play and Golden State needs to win two more games before they are crowned back to back champs but when this is all said and done we are not going to be talking about the series with the Cavs when we tell the story to our kids. We will talk about how we never lost faith and we watched a team come together and do something most felt was impossible.