Transitioning from Designer to Manager

Let’s stop for a minute.

The growing pains you’re experiencing are inevitable.

The company you work for actually planned for them.

After all, change is the only constant in the pursuit of doing better.

Actually, change is likely one of the reasons you signed up in the first place.

We tend to forget this when everything is happening all at once.

Now, start again slowly and observe what’s happening around you.

This time, look for what you can gain.

It looks a little like this:

Balanced Energy

Look to the people who balance hyperactivity and thoughtful expression. They use their energy to motivate and guide people at crucial stages of project development. Let this show you how to become more deliberate in how you express yourself.

Shadow Styles

Look to the people who invest time in putting others’ first. They work with people to help them build up their process, craft and confidence. Let this show you how to go beyond instruction, and bring people along for the journey.

Priority Systems

Look to the people who always have a plan. They also have likely created a system to prioritize their to-do lists, make logical decisions and take action. Let this help you develop a system that works for you.

The Editors

Look to the people who are comfortable with letting go. They delegate responsibly to focus beyond the horizon, and coach others to take on new responsibilities. Let this show you how to become an Editor who steers and course corrects when necessary.

Always Open

Look to the people who understand that working at a startup means being a champion of change. They understand the organization needs to evolve to match the company’s ambition. Let this show you how to process change and embrace future visions.

Be Heisenberg

Look to the people who have recognized they can’t be everyone’s friend. They know when to be direct and correct behaviors that doesn’t benefit the wider group. Let this show you how to take control and go from Breaking Bad’s Walter White to Heisenberg.

Collective Confidence

Look to the people who work with people to establish common values. They do this to help the group tackle anything, together. Let this show you that no one succeeds alone and being part of a team that operates with confidence is how you make a real difference.