Turning My Concerns Into Action

It was the logo’s gradient and the suggestion of an exclusive designer meet-up that made me feel suspicious of the Citizen Designer Pledge agenda at first. But, then I got an email from the AIGA outlining why people and companies should consider signing the pledge and I began to look into it a little more.

Up until now my relationship with politics has been close to non-existent. I moved to the US in 2010 for a new job. At the time I was uninspired by what was happening between our parties back home in the UK. Arguably, my greatest contribution to politics has been my relentless promotion of President Bartlet’s West Wing.

In 2017, I’ve reached another milestone in my relationship with politics. Like many of my friends I’m also concerned about the new administration of the United States. The character and voice of this new leadership makes me feel uncomfortable about what’s to come. If the initial website redesign and press briefings are any indication, the next 4 years are going to be a slog to put it lightly.

To be honest I’ve avoided getting lost in the media’s commentary of how we got here. The most thought provoking articles I have read is this piece from Teju Cole warning us of normalization, and Noah’s post on the power of nostalgia. But still, neither article had led me to take action.

Unfortunately we had arranged to go away this past weekend and we missed the Women’s March. It was amazing to see so many of our friends involved. When I got home I wasn’t sure how we would start helping. We got as far as donating to plannedparenthood.org.

Then today that email turned up from the AIGA and it pushed me over the edge. It inspired me to turn my concerns into action. The Citizen Designer organization aims to connect people to “civic causes to focus on for learning, knowledge sharing, and volunteering”. I shared the group with the Percolate design team and a few people are up for getting involved so I signed the pledge on behalf of us. We’ll see how things go. We’ll bring some non-designers with us too.

What I am most excited about is doing.

We will dedicate ourselves to solving problems larger than the ones we already know. We will be heard through the things we do.