A Call to Action

Friends of Coadec,

Today I take over as Executive Director of The Coalition for a Digital Economy (Coadec).

I thought I would start by outlining my own thoughts on what Coadec is for and why it’s important — not a formal manifesto but at least an opening salvo.

I have to begin by paying tribute to the extraordinary work done by my predecessor Romilly Dennys. Romilly’s great work means that I take the reins of a highly respected organisation at this critical time for tech — I know they will be big shoes to fill.

What is Coadec for?

Coadec was set up by tech entrepreneurs, for tech entrepreneurs. Years on it is amazing to see how the debate (and tech) has evolved. But startups are still at their best when they are agile, creative and driven by great ideas. So is government. Needless to say, the former are more often described in these terms than the latter. Coadec plays a critical role in bridging this gap by helping government understand what our great entrepreneurs, startups, and scaleups need to thrive. We also help startups appreciate what government is trying to do and what it means for them.

My old boss Mike Bloomberg — who I think it’s reasonable to say knows a fair bit about entrepreneurship, technology and government — is fond of saying that no one has a monopoly on good ideas. I couldn’t agree more. Tech and government need to learn from each other: Coadec can help.

We need your help

There is an awful lot happening: on access to finance, access to talent, data, the Digital Charter, Brexit (of course!), and so much more. The need for a strong voice of tech startups and scaleups is more important than ever. So — plenty for us to be getting on with!

I can’t wait to get started representing our great community but to do this — I need your help, your ideas, and your thoughts. I want to take a leaf out of Romilly’s book and get out and about around the UK. I want to hear what you care about and how Coadec can help. We will keep putting out regular emails to update you all on what we are doing. But if you have any suggestions, gripes, queries or just want to have a coffee I’m on dom@coadec.com or @dom_hallas. Please do get in touch.

Above all I’m looking forward to working with each and every one of you to make our great startup and scaleup communities even better.

I look forward to meeting you all,