Here’s To Not Hating Other Parents.
Asher Wolf

With a son in eleventh grade in NYC, I do not even bother socializing with any other parents, that I do not already know. My son was at Lyceum Kennedy, A French Private School for three years in NYC. The kids were from all over The World. I had a lot of fun at the children’s parties. The parents were really down to earth and sometimes we would have wine and some great chats. They even came to see my Gothic band play. They were so openminded and great. Alas, I had to send my son to NYC public school. What a nightmare! So many judgemental people and I was always putting my foot in my mouth. I decided to paint the kid’s faces at Halloween and stuff like that, and stay away from most of the parents. I have made two or three friend’s with parents that are my son’s friend’s parents. We keep it light and simple, usually centered around watching fireworks or some other community activity. I am friendly but cannot be bothered to cowtow to nonsense, anymore!

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