Tired, Angry, Green

I haven’t really thought this article through. It’ll probably come back to bite me. But this is what I, and I suspect others, am feeling and thinking now. Maybe I won’t think or feel this way in the future. I hope not, at least. If you want a happy story, look away.

I don’t want to be defeatist. I want to have something uplifting to say. I want to have something inspiring for the people reading this. But I don’t. I have been trying for months to put down my thoughts on the state of American politics. I can’t. There’s no coherent words to write. There’s just a lot of screaming. So, screw it. Instead of being uplifting, I’ll give anyone feeling like me a place to find someone to relate to. I’ll be uplifting some other time.

Let me tell you about what happened to me today. I got an email from Daily Kos on behalf of the Democratic National Committee. The shock, offense, and fury I felt in that moment has not been matched by any other event in my life. I mean, I’ve signed Daily Kos’ petitions before, sure, and they’ve sent me some pretty stupid emails before, but I was not expecting them to send a quick hello from my mortal enemies straight to my front door. I’ll work with Democrats or Democratic organisations to get things done, like to sign petitions or whatnot, but when you start trying to pull party business with me, that’s when you’ve made a mistake.

I’m kind of glad the DNC screwed us all, you know. That was my wake-up call. Before that happened, I was plenty happy enough to think “Democrat = good” whenever I looked at the news. Then the campaigning started, and I realised that Bernie was the only candidate up there actually on the left-wing. The only candidate I really agreed with. He had the basic opinions, you know, pro-choice, pro-gun control, pro-equal rights, but then he also wanted significant reforms to education, and taxes, and all these other things that were actual, real, honest-to-goodness left-wing policies that the Democrats had left behind when they became the center-right left-wing. Then the superdelegates came into play. Then the voter suppression and election fraud happened, and it wasn’t looked into. Then Hillary Clinton won, and we were all expected to just nod along while the American left was ground into the dirt even more than it already had been.

Then I found out about the Green Party. A real left-wing party. Proper left. Ethical, responsible, positive. A genuinely good group of people. I knew where my vote was going. It seems a lot of other people were thinking of other options, too, but for some reason they missed the memo that the Libertarians aren’t left-wing. So they got 5% of the vote, and public funding eligibility, and we got 1.3%. I still don’t understand how. Maybe it’s because the Republicans weren’t working as hard to suppress the Libertarians as the Democrats were to suppress the Greens.

They say we spoiled the election for them. We didn’t spoil anything. We got 1.3% of the vote, the popular vote which you won. You idiots, you won the popular vote. How could you screw up this badly? How could you be so god damn incompetent to need to resort to cheating to get the nomination, then win the popular vote but lose the Electoral College, and then blame it on the Greens, a party you won’t even let get a foothold in national politics?

We just want to actually make life better for people, with no ulterior motives. Really, DNC, that’s all we want to do. The only reason we’ve had to strike out on our own is because you won’t let us be anything significant in your party. There’s no place for good in the Democrats, is there? God damn you. God damn you all.

Now, because of your greed and irresponsibility, we have Trump. Are you happy? I think you are. You’ve got a big old target in the White House to rail against and to convince your brainwashed masses that they’re important, and they’ll keep being important if they just vote for you, and then when you get in power you turn out to be just better enough for the public not to despise you. Not for them to like you, but not despise you either. Then you screw up and show your greed again, and then you lose again. It’s a cycle. A neverending cycle of political mediocrity. But it keeps money in your pockets, so you’re more than happy to sit there and let the people and our democracy rot.

You motherfuckers. I hope some day, someone figures out how to bring your little empire crumbling down. I hope when that happens, all your most die-hard supporters spit in your face and stomp on you. Then they take your money. After all, that’s the only thing that can really hurt you.

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