When to be scared of the maniac, and when to recoil from the maniac in you

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I’m always looking for great horror. Terror not so much.

I peruse movie sites, book stores, graphic novels, what have you. I dig into the ‘Horror’ section, and am very often left empty-handed.

Why? Is there not enough content? Oh no, there’s plenty upon plenty. Horror is a very popular genre. It hangs tough with action and romance, no doubt about that. Content-wise, there is a plethora of work in the Horror genre.

Is the stuff not scary enough for me? Well, a lot of the time — especially in movies and TV — the “scary” is the usual ghost in the mirror, killer just behind you, creepy thing running past in the shadows deal. Yeah, it’s scary, I guess. I mean, I jump when I’m expected to jump. My heart does that fear clench. …


Christopher Laine

Author, programmer, would-be philosopher. Author of Screens https://christopherliane.net/screens

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