22/04/17 Journal Describe yourself at seventy. What do you look like? What have you learned?

When I have 70 years old insted of going with my freinds I would taking a coffe with my family. As the years go by in my life time I would be abled to run play socer all that stuff The thing that I could do is walk.

If would walk is with a walking stick. All of the amything things that today I haven`t do yeaht. One personality I could have is stay in house watching a socer match that would happen in the future.

I have learned during the years to get 70 years old you have changed a lot I have 10 years old almost 11 I know that my capacitices are gonna change. Insted to take a Sprite I would take a couple of coffe.

So If I am a life in this 59 years that are reay long that it would be 2076 I would have 70 years. That is would look likeand what I would learn in those 59 long years.

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