4/03/17 Journal What is my favorite holiday?

My favorite holiday is chrismates not by the presents, it is by giving it is not resiving all the the time presents by “Santa Claus”.

It is the month and the holiday of giving and reciving things.

I like to hear chrimates songs my favorite is Jingle bell rock, I like to build the decorations with my mom chrimts is magical Happy new year evreybody!

Every kid likes to find presents under the tree but they don`t know the meaning of give, they like every thing about chrismates.

Some of the kids like to find the presents os their parent`s to see what did they buy for you but “Santa” knows everything what those kids do.

I like chrismates beacuse My familiy is close and to achive those golds you made at the begging of the year and that I know I am doing good at school and that I am here and healthy.

Some kids to prove that Santa Claus is not real they stay a wake all night to see if it is realy true they see their parent`s all night. And that they prove that Santa is not real.