8/06/17 Journal: Where do you see yourself in 3–5 years? Are you working? In school? Social life infio??

I would see in 3–5 years I would still be in school. In years I would be in 8 grade and in 5 years in 10 grade. so in five years I would be realy close to go out of school and go to the university.

My social life in 3 years maybe it could be the same or most of my freinds go out of the school or I go out of the school.

In five years my social life is going to be terrible I think beacuse there are going to be (agressives) in a way with punchs and bulling. So in 10 grade I would be only save in class no`t in in recess or in dismisal.

So in five years i need to study to go directly to the universty. In three years I realy don`t want to do that beacuse I have freinds and electronics, specialy the elevtronics devices.

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