There are so many libraries that deal with the UI and inevitably you’ll come across a situation where the library just won’t cover what you want to do. It’s great to use them, especially when you’re in a hurry. But at the end of the day if you are working on a project you’ll eventually come across a situation where CSS enters the picture.

When the internet used to be HTML and CSS it was very straight-forward. One thing dealt with the DOM and the other dealt with the styling. Then JavaScript entered the picture and started messing with the DOM and we suddenly had three different “languages” to deal with. React did away with some of the overlap and utilized JSX to combine JavaScript and HTML and in effect this centralized all the “languages” and you suddenly had the option of doing away with CSS and using pseudo-CSS camelCase JavaScript. …


Dominic Chu

Seoul → NYC. Student at Access Labs (Flatiron School)

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