Andela Boot camp Day 3

So far, so good.It’s the 3rd day of of my self-learning journey into software development courtesy of Andela and I am very excited with how everything has been turning out.The “late night studying and waking up early” routine has become part of my life now.

So far I have been able to discern what is helpful and what is not and it has helped me a lot. I hope to learn more in the coming days because from what I have seen so far it is going to get tougher.The task we were given today involved making use of HTTP web services and APIs. I knew it was a new area for me to explore and I was ready.With consultation from fellow ‘bootcampers’, I manged to fix a commandline Application tht shows the position of the international space station(ISS) position.Not only have I learnt to break problems into smaller chunks but also write code in a more simplistic manner.

We have been able to achieve so far as a group. The sum of what we have been able to accomplish has been greater than the parts.I have put in my best I can now say Offsite Study Day-3 Completed.