The fact that the *Swiss based* DFINITY *Stiftung* is the legal entity (and governing body?)
Alexander Orlov

The current situation in crypto with ICOs is somewhat analogous to the Dot Com boom and bust. People know there’s magical technology involved, but they aren’t equipped to properly evaluate the options put before them. Furthermore, because of the way bubble dynamics work, you can still make money in the short term from projects that are junk. The problem is this can make it easier to raise money for a project that has been cynically designed and promoted for that purpose rather than one that wants to solve real world problems with viable new technology and good execution. Right now, I’d put 85%+ of projects in the cynical fundraising and cash grabbing camp, which means there will be a lot of investor tears at some point. On the bright side however, there are many genuine projects that should deliver substantial gains in the long term. Whatever, the way that ICOs and decentralized systems promise to democratize participation in Internet 2.0 should be highly lauded. This really is a new dawn. Its just that participants need to get smarter and hold people to higher standards. The community is still learning.

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