The CIA is using fake news about Russia to take down Donald Trump (and the mainstream media is OK with it)

In case you missed it, the current #Russiagate scandal involving Donald Trump just took another bizarre turn last night. At around 8:00 pm EST, CNN began announcing “breaking news” that the CIA had finally found conclusive proof linking Donald Trump to the Russians. And the New York Times and other mainstream media outlets also published pieces suggesting that the CIA had finally linked Trump to the Russians.

And that’s where #Russiagate went totally #Pizzagate. Buzzfeed decided to release the full 35-page dossier that formed the basis for the “breaking news.” The dossier, which consists of memos from a former British intelligence operative, claims that the Russian government has been “cultivating, supporting and assisting” Donald Trump for more than five years. It also suggested that Vladimir Putin was directly behind this effort. By Buzzfeed releasing the report, it meant that anyone on the Internet could read it and make their own conclusions.

And that’s where things became surreal.

The centerpiece of that 35-page dossier (which was excerpted and presented as a two-page intelligence briefing for President Obama and President-elect Trump) is one incident that claimed to prove that Trump was in the hands of the Russians — a series of bizarre sexual acts performed in a Moscow five-star hotel that were allegedly video recorded by the FSB (the Russian successor agency to the KGB). In short, the report claimed that Trump cavorted with prostitutes, enjoyed “golden showers,” and specifically attempted to defile with his own bodily fluids a bed that the Obamas slept in while in Moscow. (If you’re not into decadent porn, “golden showers” refers to urination during sexual intercourse)

As soon as Buzzfeed released the report, Trump’s Twitter feed was attacked by people accusing him of all kinds of sexual perversions.

Moreover, the 35-page report claimed that it had finally found the “smoking gun” linking Trump to the Russians — a meeting in August 2016 between a Trump campaign handler, Michael Cohen, and the Russians in Prague, in which the Trump team agreed to make large-sum cash payments to the Russians in exchange for hacking the Clinton campaign and throwing the election to him.

At which point, all hell broke loose. Apparently, that 35-page report had already been circulating around Washington and New York for months, but nobody had been willing to touch it, because it was so difficult to corroborate.

And, indeed, within an hour, the first major assertion had been debunked — the meeting in Prague never actually took place. In fact, the Trump campaign operative who allegedly coordinated the meeting was in California attending an event at USC. And he even went so far as to publish a photo of his passport, while stating that he had never even been to Prague.

Then, the second major piece fell apart. It turns out that the whole “Golden Showers at the Ritz-Carlton Moscow” may have been a hoax perpetrated by 4Chan. It was all “fan fiction” fed to the anti-Trump camp, in the hopes that it would be publicized and then they could all laugh at how the liberal mainstream media fell for fake news. In short, the Internet was trolling the CIA.

Then, if you read the actual text of the report, you find some of the most insane and convoluted thinking possible. The fact that Trump had repeatedly turned down offers to build hotels in Moscow was cited as proof that he was being “cultivated” by the Russians. WTF? Yes, according to this logic, Trump was turning down these deals because he was trying to extract even more “sweeteners” from the Russians. Which, apparently, meant nothing less than the Presidency of the United States. Because, logic.

And then it emerged that this top-secret CIA report was really just opposition research coordinated by a former British intelligence community official — working first for the Republicans and then perhaps the Clinton team itself — who was specifically given the task of digging up any dirt possible about Trump and the Russians. And that meant digging into the darkest, nastiest reaches of the Internet for the type of filth that could bring Trump down. This is stuff that people have passed on for months, convinced that “you shouldn’t go there.”

Well, they just did.

It’s hard to figure out what happens next. You have the CIA, the Clinton camp, and the mainstream media somehow combined in a massive conspiracy to topple Trump using #fakenews. You have a President-elect who’s locked in a war with the CIA and claiming that we’re living in “Nazi Germany.” And you have millions of people on the Interwebs, waiting patiently for the next piece of #fakenews to drop, so that they can share it with their fellow supporters and get more clicks.

The sad thing is, this type of thing happens all the time in Russia. Only instead of the CIA, you have the FSB (the KGB successor agency). Instead of the Clinton camp, you have the Kremlin. And instead of the mainstream media, you have the state-funded television networks. What usually happens is that the Kremlin uses “kompromat” (compromising material) to eliminate a rival. Usually, it involves a honeypot scheme, prostitutes and hotels. Like this “sex sting” involving Russian politician Mikhail Kasyanov:

In other words, HOLY SH**. That just happened in America.

This is what a coup looks like in a democracy. And the mainstream media is going along with it. In fact, CNN was practically gleeful last night, convinced that it had finally taken down Trump. The mainstream media printed everything, not bothering to fact check anything. And Buzzfeed, in pursuit of more clicks and likes, dropped this massive urine-stained Internet #fakenews bomb on the world. With each passing day, what passes for “politics” these days in America becomes continually degraded.

I feel dirty just thinking about this.

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