has launched a free eBook making website where users can download their completed work in epub format. Epub is the eBook industry standard that is accepted by all major eBook retailers such as Amazon, Google Books, Barnes and Noble, iBooks and many more.

Dominic Bowkett explains that “My Ebook Maker was created due to the lack of free eBook making programs that can be accessed through a web browser. Once you have signed up for a free account then you can create and download as many eBooks as you want.”

My Ebook Maker has signed up over 500 users in the first month and hopes that many more authors will be able to take advantage of the free service. Dominic Bowkett stated “The advantage of compared to other products currently available is that all eBooks get an auto generated table of contents…

I have been freelancing for over two decades now, and I continuously come across individuals who want to know the secret of being a successful freelancer. The answer is that there is no secret to it. You either commit to being a full-time freelancer or you do not. What Dominic Bowkett can offer is a bit of perspective as to what becoming a freelancer entails. It is my hope to debunk some of the myth and misconceptions about freelancing by presenting the pros and cons.

The Pros:

There are several pros in freelancing says Dom Bowkett. The first and most…

Increase your SEO with a few basic strategies!

Wordpress sites are very popular. So popular that there are careers based just on the customization and widget creation aps for the sites. That being the case, those which use Wordpress must set themselves apart from the herd if they wish to have any success in the search engine results page (SERP). To do this, there are a few simple strategies you can implement.

Affordable SEO

Ensure you have a real domain name

If Wordpress is anywhere in your web address, then you need to change it. Get a real domain name. They are…

Is this a good or a bad thing?

With the increase in technology, engineering, and manufacturing techniques, it is no surprise that the coupling of such in the automotive industry has resulted in the driverless car. These vehicles are an automated vehicle with robotics designed to travel without a human operator. In a report by Dominic Bowkett, it was stated “ Garner forecasts 21 million new automobiles will be equipped with data connectivity, either through a built-in communications module or tethered to a mobile device in 2017” And while the though sparks a hype and something to talk about, one…

Food hygiene has always played an important role in the United Kingdom. Now we have even more food hygiene changes to the legal production of food and food hygiene in the UK. Ensuring that food is safe to eat is essential in ensuring that customers do not get ill from your products. Dominic Bowkett says that ‘Good food hygiene training is essential for all staff members in your business. This means that customers remain safe from any nasty illnesses that bacteria may cause’. It’s therefore essential to make sure that customers are kept healthy.

Many Manchester based businesses require registration…

Dominic Bowkett has been awarded several notable prizes for discovering specialist insights into technology — which has led to major discoveries in offshore oil locations. Dom Bowkett has since retired to Cardiff, South Wales.

Dominic Bowkett

Dominic Bowkett was born in Lincoln, United Kingdom but moved to Scotland in 2010 at the age of 45 to pursue work as Social Worker.

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