Isn’t It Amazing?

This past year sucked. It’s been a year of suffering, from physical injuries to the financial strain caused by them, I’ve found it harder than ever to look up in 2015. Even while trying to stay positive and keep the faith, I’ve had a hard time escaping the gloom of such harsh realities. However, though I may suffer, I also understand there are many out there who suffer far worse than I.

Yet hope remains.

While many dwell on the events of the modern age as negative and seek to label them “signs of the times,” I don’t subscribe to the belief that “things are worse than ever.”

Think about it.

Isn’t it something to live in a time when one of the hottest topics of debate is how we can work together to do a better job of treating all people equally, whether their skin is dark or they’re not yet born? And the great war of our time is how we can bring peace to both the most hostile places of the world and to our own neighborhoods.

Caste and class systems are as old as time, but we live in a time when many seek to dissolve the classes instead of widening the divide, as has been done so many times in history.

And, while violence is still an ever-present tragedy in today’s world, we, as humans, are more united than ever on the notion that we must have peace and, even if we disagree upon the method to be used, we know that peace abroad and on the home front is both necessary and possible.

To quote the legendary John Lennon: “War is over, if you want it.”

Isn’t it amazing?

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