Mitt Romney, Step Away From The Mic

I wanted to write something clever about this Romney speech. But it’s too viscerally upsetting to me that he is making it in the first place. I want to simply lash out at him for doing this.

He can only cause harm to this process. He is a polarizing figure in the Republican Party. He is not viewed as a sage statesman. He is viewed as a tone deaf loser, and phony by the base. Now, he may hold sway with the establishment of the party, but that is why his interjecting himself into this process can only do damage.

I had nightmares all night that he was going to say that it’s time to come together, which would rally the moderate wing of the party to Trump and end the primary process. Now, I wake to reports that Romney will call out Donald Trump for many of his legitimate faults. What that does for frustrated base voters, angry with Romney’s ineptitude in the 2012 election is give them reason to give Trump a second or third look.

Romney is part of the problem to a large chunk of the GOP base. That man is too tone deaf to understand that he should keep his mouth shut.