How Do I Onboard Onto A Large Codebase?

Dominic Isioma
May 31 · 2 min read
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Onboarding into a large codebase can be somewhat of a hectic task and it takes lots of discipline. Let’s see some few things to note when Onboarding into a large codebase(this is not in steps) and of course after cloning the project to your local machine.

  1. Get familiar with the code convention and style.
  2. Understand the team
  3. Know your exact role in the team and stick to it
  4. Re-read number 2.

Understanding number 2 will help you better to sync faster with the team you work with.

After joining Andela, I and about 20 others went into the deferral program meant to keep our skills shart with coding sprints. We were placed into teams of 6–8, and we were supposed to work on a codebase.

The actions that were common amongst me and my teammates were that we got to familiarize ourselves with the codebase, so as to be able to modify it to suit our project owner needs. Like I said earlier, onboarding takes patience and discipline.

Other ways to get up to speed with the project or codebase is to read it’s documentation and commit messages, run tests and if errors you can debug from the error messages spelled out.

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