The Top 5 Best Kept Secret Neighborhoods in Boca Raton.

Boca Raton is a brilliant place to live for a number of reasons such as a rapidly growing economic environment, over 16,000 acres of public parks, 4+ miles of beautiful beaches (including one of Palm Beach County’s only dog beaches), A-rated public schools, five colleges, and a vibrant art culture. There’s also a thriving tourism industry, with a number of resorts catering to travelers looking for golf or the beach. Combine these amenities with year-round beautiful weather & you’ve got a world-class quality of life.

Some of Boca’s most well-known neighborhoods include Royal Palm Yacht & Country Club & The Sanctuary, two of the most expensive residential gated communities in the country. There are however a select few lesser known neighborhoods, even to the locals, that have special characteristics to them. Some aren’t well known simply because people never leave.

Here are the top 5 best kept secret neighborhoods in Boca Raton:

1. Florida Fruit Lands.

Not only do residents rarely leave here, some of the nearby residents have never driven down the single dirt road that leads to this neighborhood. FLA Fruit Lands is an agricultural neighborhood in a small, far west nook of Boca Raton with properties typically on 4+ acre lots. The last time a property was sold in this neighborhood was in November of 2015.

Median price: $950,000

2. Ponderosa.

Ponderosa is nestled at the end of Judge Winikoff Road in West Boca, right on the canal of the Parkland/Boca Raton border. This is one of the only neighborhoods in Boca Raton where you may find properties on an acre+ of land for under a million dollars.

Median price: $680,000

3. Conference Estates.

Located west of NW Boca Raton Boulevard between Glades & Palmetto, Conference Estates has been going through a steady gentrification phase with many of it’s properties being totally renovated or with quality new construction homes being built.

Median price: $407,750

4. Lake Floresta Park.

Lake Floresta Park gains much of it’s charm from it’s more luxurious next door neighbor, Old Floresta. Residents looking for a stable neighborhood close to luxury tend to gravitate here.

Median price: $475,000

5. Boca Reserve.

Boca Reserve is quaint, intimate community built in 2014. It’s on a single street in West Boca that you’ve probably never seen unless you live in a neighboring community. Modern, family style homes.

Median price: $637,500

See below for each neighborhood’s location:

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