Why I decided to set up an eco surf product store

We’re slowly waking up to the fact the detrimental damage being down to our planet by the use of plastics. The numbers of plastics that have ended up in our oceans are staggering. There are 5.25 trillion pieces of plastic debris in the ocean. Of that mass, nearly 300K tons float on the surface. Outlets are now covering this more and helping bring the issue more into the publics’ consciousness. When you see these videos captured by a diver in Bali or researchers in aerial surveys, this really gives you an idea of the scale of the problem we’re facing, better than any stats can.

After, working in the surf and snow apparel industry, it gave me a good insight into how wasteful and non-environmentally friendly the manufacturing chain was. Everything from the materials being sourced through to the packaging, shipping & distribution of goods was wasteful and contributing to the problem. Although, there were some initiatives to help offset some of the damage caused such as beach clean-ups these were few and far between. It all felt as if the organisation was playing lip service to sustainability and the environment.

After leaving the surf industry, I decided I wanted to set-up my own brand that would focus on the supply of high quality and sustainable surf products such as fins, clothing and accessories, at affordable prices. Now, I have to say that not everything I added to my inventory is all 100% natural and sustainable, but the majority of my inventory is. I opted to do this, because I wanted to find a balance between broader market appeal, product diversity and price.

After watching, Before The flood, it inspired me to do more. So I made the decision to donate a percentage of profits from the business to carbon offset programs. This is my way of giving back, and although we’re just starting out I wanted to set the brands values on the right trajectory from the outset.

I’d be grateful for any feebdack on my store, as it’s just been launched in the last couple of months. Please visit Shaka Surf Store, and let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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