Learning Never Ends

  • My new skill experience
  • Netpreneurship
  • WordPress development

I rounded up with my B.Sc. program about two months ago, but earlier before then I told myself, that am not going to stay at idle while I wait for my NYSC batch.

Just on the 17th of last month, I was opportune to join a skill acquisition program at Innovation GrowthHub, There are different ICT courses they offer but I joined the netpreneurship class. Netpreneurship is a digital means of impacting the world with your potentials, or marking your business, products and services visible online, with the aim of making money in return. In this class I learnt:

  • How to a web site from scratch using WordPress.
  • Digital marketing
  • Social media marketing

…class is still on going…

And the amazing part of this is that Innovation GrowthHub has collected no pay from any of the youth in exchange of this knowledge. It is a free youth empowerment program. All thanks to the CEO of IGHub fellowship Daniel Chinagozi for this grate investment made. Thank you to PIND and AIBS for been a supportive efforts.

Learning never ends. Yours might not be with Innovation GrowthHub, and that can’t stop you from building your self knowledge and skills, you can learn from online, business men, books, by asking questions etc. There are so many free online training going on, like the one am doing now @google digital skills. So endeavor to learn new thing everyday, it will built an exceptional personality in you. Don’t ever find your living without acquiring new knowledge, it is only a fool that does the same thing everyday and except thousand changes.