Doing Something > Doing Nothing

This is my first real blog putting my own thoughts into words, for so many reasons this hasn’t happened until now, but it is happening none the less and that’s what this first blog is all about:
Doing Something > Doing Nothing.

The idea that as someone learns and grows because of that learning amazes me, being an instructor myself in scuba diving, has taught me to appreciate where opportunity can take someone. Having taught scuba diving for around two and a half years now has meant that as my students have continued their journey, I have been able to watch where that has taken them. I have been stoked to be even just a small part of the process, getting to watch these students go on to travel all over the world to some of the worlds most amazing dive sites and locations.

But this is not about me, this is about all of us: every . single . person reading this. I am a strong suppoter of the fact it is not the situations we find ourselves in that characterise us, but instead how we deal with those situations. Each and every person has their own challenges, and it is important to challenge and be challenged in return, it only makes our existing morals and values stronger. There is alot to be said about someone who has self worth, I think it is the most significant characteristic that an individual is able to have, because with self worth you are not only able have respect for who you are as a person, but you are able to then have respect for others, and beyond that use your own self respect to help others.

That leads me to the three words in the banner above:


As I mentioned before, every person has their own set of challenges, so with that it is important for us to attempt, in every scenario we find ourselves in to not judge too quickly. In saying that if you find yourself in a situation where you are feeling down or you feel like your own morals and valued are being challenged; I strongly encourage you to seek out those three words above in whatever definition you find fit…because in those words I have been able to find a sense of self and with those three words, that sense of self continues to grow.

Finally. I believe life and business is like first aid, I teach first aid, and something that is prevalent accross the board in first aid or first response is the concept of doing something > doing nothing. To give this some context, when someone is in a situation requiring the help of others such as an accident, the idea is regardless of your training ability, qualifications etc. if you are one of the only people there or if that person requires your help, than doing something > doing nothing might just be what saves that person’s life, even if is only calling 000.

Each and everyday we are presented with opportunities, and each and every person deserves the same amount of respect regardless of whether they are the chairperson of a board or a fellow student. In life, the majority of people regret the things they didn’t do rather than the things they did. So when it comes to making a decision this week, month, year, remember: doing something is always greater than doing nothing, because you never know where that could lead you…

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