First Day of Class

September 12, 2016 (original post date)

School is in session! That exciting and nerve racking day has come and even though I’ve been doing the extensive list of prerequisite assignments I feel like I’ve barely touched the tip of the iceberg. My friend Carolyn flew in from Los Angeles a week earlier and has been preparing with me. She has more experience programming so it’ll be nice having her around for help, which I’m sure I’ll need plenty of.

The Atlanta Tech Village is in the heart of Atlanta’s affluent business district with many surrounding high rises. We headed out at 8am and it only took us a short drive to get there. We met up with our 14 other classmates in the lobby and introduced ourselves. There was a meet up a couple days earlier where Carolyn and I met some of the students so it wasn’t a completely new experience. Everyone was very friendly and Natalie, the campus director, helped us get situated with the parking and key passes. Since not all the students had toured the building we were shown around again and the second time was better than the first! Beer on tap, free snacks/drinks, free catered lunch every Friday, 2 ping pong tables, a fitness center, arcade/video game area, and a soon to be opened rooftop lounge. I know there’s probably much more but what a great first…uh..I mean second impression!

9am approached and we made our way to the classroom on the 5th floor. Inside the room were several big screen tv’s and rows of desks, all with external monitors for our laptops. Our instructor for the next 16 weeks was going to be Toby who I had heard good things about. After we got settled, Toby had us stand and do a quick 30 second introduction of ourselves before we began. Our very first assignment was to create a personal website using HTML and CSS, which we would showcase the next day. Time flew by as we worked and before long it was 12pm, lunchtime!

The rest of the class day passed by quickly and I was already excited for the next. I spent most of the remaining evening working on my website so that it would be at least moderately presentable for the next day. The only real request by Toby was that it had at least 10 pages in it, but creating content and styling those pages was time consuming.

The course is very fast paced and I’m sure my spare time will be limited but I’ll try to write a new blog post at least every two weeks. Stay tuned!