Python and PostgreSQL

October 9, 2016 (original post date)

Time is flying by and next week will already be week 5 of 16 making our cohort almost a third of the way done. We moved away from HTML and CSS at the end of the second week and began learning the basics of Python. Unlike the last cohort, which started with Javascript, we are learning Python first because its an easier language to understand and debug. Javascript is full of syntax that commonly displays unhelpful undefined errors when leaving out a bracket or semicolon. Python removes all of that and also gives helpful suggestions to why your code isn’t working.

Within only a couple days of starting Python we were already white boarding much more complex problems such as ciphers and printing user given shape sizes out of asterisks. Some of the problems initially took me quite a while to wrap my brain around, especially lists within lists and nested loops. I don’t think our brains naturally comprehend multidimensional scenarios since it’s not seen in everyday life.

The last exercises in Python that we focused on were with objects and classes. We constructed rpg games with unique characters that had certain abilties when battling other characters. This was actually pretty cool and as I get better at python, I definitely want to come back and create a more complex game.

Over the weekend one of our classmates took me and Carolyn to a garba event. When I first walked into part of the Hindu temple, which was more like a giant warehouse I was overwhelmed by what must have been well over 1000 people in a circular dance. I’d never seen anything like it before in my life. The music, the colorful clothing, the energy…it was all so incredible. Eventually the initial shock wore off and we even attempted the dance. I really had no idea what I was doing and 99 percent of the people were Indian’s who seemed to have the dance down perfectly straight out of the womb. We got there around 11pm, didn’t leave till after 4am and the dancing was almost continuous the entire time. What a night!

Week 4 was primarily spent on postgreSQL, which is an open souce database system that is very helpful in storing and sorting through information. Learning how to use it was not an easy task and I feel that this was one area where the entire class struggled with because none of us had any prior knowledge unlike HTML/CSS and Python. Much of the confusion came from the syntax in joining data tables together to access specific pieces of information, which only became easier after learning how to conceptualize the relationship one table had to another.

Today six of my classmates and I decided to go kayaking at Appalachian Outfitters about 50 miles north of the Atlanta Tech Village. It took about 3 hour for us to go 6 miles down the river including breaks so it was a pretty slow pace. The water was very shallow in several places and we all kept getting stuck on rocks. Two of my classmates even toppled over into the water, which was pretty entertaining. Afterwards we headed over to an Irish restaurant called Shenanigans and grabbed an early dinner before heading back to Atlanta.