The Nights are Calm

September 23, 2016 (original post date)

The first two weeks have gone by smoothly and without much stress mainly because we are still focusing on HTML, CSS and Bootstrap (a framework for creating responsive websites). Most of our time is spent trying to duplicate websites from scratch or doing exercises to help us get better at positioning elements in a webpage. During lunch or after class I play heated games of ping pong in the community center. Its great because often times I’ll play against other people who work in the building, so its interesting to find out about their company and what they do.

The Atlanta Tech Village just had a grand opening of their rooftop lounge area, which has terrific views of the surrounding area. Some of my classmates and I ate under the canopy after being served the day’s special, mediterranean food, as part of the complimentary lunches on Fridays.

Atlanta has so much to offer so on the weekends Carolyn and I try to find fun events to attend. Last weekend we went to JapanFest, which had lots of food to choose from and live shows starting every half hour throughout the day. Below is a picture with Domo, the official mascot of Japan’s public broadcaster NHK.

In the upcoming weeks the course is going to get much more intense so I’ll be back with the details alongside a pool full of sweat and confusion.