COVID-19 has certainly changed our lives in several aspects, especially as many of us spend a lot more time at home. One area that has been particularly affected is healthcare, with physical visits to our doctors becoming much less attractive. And that’s when telehealth comes into play, the option to get medical services remotely.

Since I first tried Kry last year and fell in love with the product, I’ve been watching the market. And COVID-19 surely acts as a catalyst, speeding up legislation and consumer & user behaviour by several years. …

Since the legalization of recreational cannabis (cannabis without a medical prescription) in several US states over the last years and in Canada in 2018, cannabis became a very fast growing market with broad media coverage. While most articles are centered around North America though, two Sifted articles about Jacana and Daye caught my attention.

Together with the recent €20m Series A round of Berlin-based Sanity Group in February 2020 this made me curious 🤔. So I dug deeper into the European market, and here is what I found. …

Never having owned a pet, I was intrigued when I first read about FirstVet’s success story and asked myself :

“What opportunities are there for startups in the pet market, and how big and interesting can this market really be? 🤔

So I started to look deeper into the pet market, its size and potential, mapped out the value chain and analysed startups that I find interesting.

In the next few minutes I’ll give you an insight into my thoughts on: I) The overall European pet market in terms of size, sectors and other characteristics II) The Pet Tech value…

Dominik Esen

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